Axess is one of the internationally leading manufacturers of ticketing and access management systems. Business fields and projects are opening up across ski resorts and destinations, fair and convention centers, stadia and arenas, leisure- and theme parks and touristic transport.

Ticketing & Access systems for Ski resorts and destinations

With the smart modular design of the complete systems of Axess, you start into an innovative future!

Ski tourists who can start their day on the piste with nothing to worry about are happy customers bound to come back. A single tickets brings them from the hotel, car or coach directly onto the piste, passing only a single touch point. With the smart and innovative solutions from Axess, operators benefit from smooth operations of their facilities and security in all areas.



Axess Smart Solutions for Stadia & Arena

At home in sport

The smooth entry of soccer fans and sport fans into stadia and arenas is very important to us. Because we are also at home in sport. And we know: Entry to the stadium needs to be quick: With our access system, a fan's entry ticket is checked in 0.1 seconds. There is no faster way.

In addition to speed, security is a significant factor for us and your guests. Therefore, we configure each access terminal flexibly for “entry” and “exit”. A stadium monitor gives an overview of the number of visitors in each sector at all times. The features of all Axess products for access control systems are based on the latest technology. And we develop solutions on a daily basis.

Ticketing & access control systems for trade fair and convention centers

From the initial registration to the final report – Axess looks after all your event management needs

Every public exhibition or trade fair poses its very own challenges. We customize solutions – by focusing on the processes of our clients and helping them in optimizing their systems. The trade fair and congress solutions from Axess are fully customizable and cater for efficient and centralized visitor management with many extra features:

  • Registration / access authorization to trade fairs – online or on site
  • Press accreditation
  • Centralized management of passes and vouchers for exhibitors
  • Integration of representatives from overseas

and much more..


Ticketing & access control systems for touristic transport

Innovative mobility for the tourism sector

Holiday at last! The most wonderful time of the year for many people is the holiday season. Time out from the daily grind. Away from the hustle and bustle, and stress. Straight into enjoyment! However, during the high season, the most popular holiday destinations do not escape the hectic pace and stress. Holiday destinations and regions attract millions of tourists every year. So that holiday guests in cities as well as skiing and walking resorts can reach their desired destination quickly and, most important of all, safely, public transport - touristic transport - is being used. AXESS creates controlled access to holiday fun with its access management systems. Quick, safe and efficient.

Transport of tomorrow

Cable cars, the transport of tomorrow, are being preferred in cities to ease the traffic on streets and public transport. This has clear advantages: They are environmentally-friendly and soundless. We, as an innovative and forward-looking company, are supporting this trend with state-of-the-art access systems and efficient ticketing management. Because it is only if everyone pulls together that the visions for the future will become a reality.

Ticketing & access control systems for water-, themeparks & zoos

Faster access to fun

Water-, theme parks and zoos - all leisure facilities have one thing in common: They offer a change, excitement and a great deal of fun for their visitors. The entrance is the gateway to exciting worlds of experience. It should be fast and secure. No-one wants to wait for long. Thanks to Axess Smart-Gates, the forerunner of access systems, visits to the water- or theme park or the zoo become unforgettable experiences – without long waiting times standing around in line.